Taking a Break

Hey faithful followers!

I’ve been slowing down quite a bit in the beer review game, as you may have noticed. I’ve lost some of the enthusiasm that I started out with (in regards to actually reviewing beer). Don’t get me wrong, I still absolutely love craft beer, and won’t stop tasting and trying new things. I just am currently feeling burned out with the tedium of dissecting every beer I drink. I’ve found myself hoarding beer just to review, and then putting off drinking them because I didn’t feel like taking notes and typing them up. I review beer for the enjoyment of it, and to help out a few friends and WordPress followers who regularly read. I’m sure I’ll get back into writing occasional reviews, or maybe just writing about really great/terrible beers now and again, but for now a hiatus is due. Please add me on Untappd, follow me on Twitter, or like Toby’s Beer Reviews on Facebook, as you’ll find content coming much more frequently via those channels.


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1 Response to Taking a Break

  1. I have to agree, hoarding and enthusiasm.. When they’re out if sync….

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