Samuel Adams: Octoberfest

From the Brewery: IMG_2590

“In 1810, Munich celebrated the wedding of their Crown Prince with a special beer.  After 16 days the party ended, but the tradition continues. Our version of the classic Oktoberfest lager blends 5 roasted malts for a rich, hearty flavor while Bavarian Noble hops add a touch of bitterness.” 5.3% ABV Märzen/Oktoberfest Lager

Purchased from The Fort in Fresno, California.

The Pour: IMG_2591

Poured from a 12 oz can into my lager glass. The color is a crystal clear coppery orange. The off-white head has an orange-ish hue, and is pretty sudsy initially before dissipating to nearly nothing. Ample carbonation is visible, and light lacing is left on the glass throughout.

The Nose: IMG_2592

Sweet toasted caramel malts, faint spice notes, and a small amount of overripe fruit.

The Mouth: IMG_2593

Medium thin body, with medium carbonation harshness in the mouthfeel. Hardly any flavor going down, with some of the sweet caramel malts coming through in the aftertaste. The flavors that linger on the palate are typical lager characteristics, as well as a slightly sour dark fruit taste. I don’t really get anything in the way of hops.

Final Thoughts: IMG_2594

Samuel Adam’s Octoberfest is always a delight to me when I see it available on store shelves. That’s not because I particular enjoy, or even purchase this seasonal brew, but because Octoberfest beers are usually the first sign of “stout season”, which is my favorite time of year. This particular beer, like others in the style I’ve tried, just don’t offer enough to get me excited. The light, unspectacular flavors seem to play it safe, and be a little bland. It drinks pretty easy, and could appeal to a larger audience than most more defined craft brews. After having quite a few varieties of beer from the Boston Beer Company, I feel that maybe what they are going for – safe, entry-level craft beer that will hopefully have mass appeal. 6/10

The Boston Beer Company – Boston, Massachusetts 

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