Bayhawk Chocolate Porter

From the Brewery: IMG_2468

“Bayhawk’s Chocolate Porter is a smooth, full-bodied beer. The Roasty, Coffee, Chocolate flavors are derived from malted grain. It will compliment anything from a sweet dessert to a ‘Porter House’ Steak. We believe you will not be disappointed…GRAB A BAYHAWK CHOCOLATE PORTER AND ENJOY LIFE…” 7.9% ABV

Purchased from The Fort in Fresno, California.

The Pour:IMG_2469

Poured from a 22 oz bomber into my porter/stout glass. The body is solid black, with a brown, bubble head. Very minimal lacing is left on the glass. Little carbonation is visible.

The Nose: IMG_2470

Not quite what I was expecting from the aroma. I get sour lactose, nuttiness, dried dark fruits, faint bitter cocoa, as well as touches of pencil shavings and alcohol.

The Mouth: IMG_2471

The mouthfeel begins moderately rich, before finishing relatively flat and nondescript. The flavor profile reminds me of some nut brown ales I’ve had; light generic nuttiness and dark fruit. I get little to no chocolate or coffee. The aftertaste is pretty bland, just some biscuity grains and the tiniest bit of bitter cocoa if I really search it out.

Final Thoughts: IMG_2472

This would be a standard (but underwhelming) offering as a nut brown ale. Unfortunately, it is a chocolate porter. It doesn’t offer the robust chocolate, coffee, or roasted characteristics that really make beers in the style shine. It’s not a terrible or undrinkable beer, it just doesn’t represent what it is supposed to be. That is a recipe for “meh” score. 4/10.

Bayhawk Ales, Inc. – Irvine, California

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