Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA

From the Brewery: IMG_2457

“Sierra Nevada and hops go hand in hand. What began as a crazy idea scribbled in a pub eventually became our newest year-round hop bomb, Torpedo Extra IPA. The first beer to feature our ‘Hop Torpedo’—a revolutionary dry-hopping device that controls how much hop aroma is imparted into beer without adding additional bitterness. Torpedo Extra IPA is an aggressive yet balanced beer with massive hop aromas of citrus, pine and tropical fruit.” 7.2% ABV

Purchased from Ponderosa Market in Auberry, California (Represent!)

The Pour: IMG_2458

Poured from a 24 oz bottle into a nonic glass. The color is a clear, coppery orange, with an orange/white head that leaves moderate lacing. Medium carbonation can be seen in the glass.

The Nose: IMG_2459

Big pine hops are the main aroma. There is also some grapefruit/tropical fruit hop tones, as well as a slightly earthy underlying sweetness.

The Mouth: IMG_2460

Medium thin bodied, not too much carbonation in the mouthfeel. The flavor is mainly from the piney hops…bold, but not as intense as the nose suggests. There is a good amount of underlying sticky malt sweetness, which helps balance things out. It finishes a little dry, with lingering pine bitterness.

Final Thoughts: IMG_2461

Another solid offering from Sierra Nevada. There are plenty of hops upfront, but as it warms a syrupy sweetness is presented to balance some of the hop bitterness. Maybe a touch too heavy on the piney hops, but otherwise there isn’t much I can say that would be considered a negative for Torpedo. I did get a 24 oz bottle (neat, considering almost all of my bombers have been in 22 ouncers), and it is a bit of a struggle to 88 finish it. It doesn’t have a discernible alcohol flavor, but its richness is the issue. Good flavors though, and that’s what should count. 8.25/10

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – Chico, Ca

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