Stone Ruination IPA

From the Brewery: IMG_2410

“So called because of its truly “ruinous” effect on your palate, this massive hop monster will change forever your preconceptions of what defines good beer. This is Stone IPA’s big brother, and we mean BIG. We essentially began with our already-awesome Stone IPA, threw in an extra-large helping of malt, and added a lot more hops. And then some more. And then even more, resulting in a vibrant blast of citrusy bitterness that hits you on the first sip. Just one taste and you’ll know why we call this indelicate jewel ‘A liquid poem to the glory of the hop!'” 7.7% ABV

Purchased from The Fort in Fresno, California.

The Pour: IMG_2411 

Poured from a 22 oz bottle into a tulip glass. The color is golden honey, with a nearly white head that leaves thick lacing throughout. Moderate carbonation is visible.

The Nose: IMG_2412

Big hop forward aroma; grapefruit, lemon, orange zest and a bit of pine. I also get a touch of candy malt sweetness, as well some other aroma I can’t quite put my finger on (the closest adjective I can think of is “dank”, but a natural dankness).

The Mouth: IMG_2413

Medium bodied, with a relatively soft mouth feel. Finishes dry with solid hop bitterness. The hop flavors match the nose, but lead to an aftertaste that combines the bitterness with a candied malt sweetness.

Final Thoughts: IMG_2414

Happy National IPA Day 2013!!! A pretty good beer to review for the occasion. Plenty of hops in the aroma and flavor, but also a very nice sweet malt accompaniment (especially in the initial aftertaste). These flavors combine to make a very solid IPA profile. Ruination is certainly not for those who don’t already have some experience with highly hopped ales, as its initial bitterness and hop flavors are pretty aggressive. One of the best things about this beer is its dryness as it finishes, which makes me want to immediately put the glass back to my mouth for another drink. That is just another example of a “beer experience” I’ve come to enjoy and respect with good craft beer (and Stone Brewing especially). 8.5/10.

Stone Brewing Co. – Escondido, California

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