Rogue American Amber Ale

From the Brewery: IMG_2025

“Tawny in color, with a coffee aroma, tight head and a delicate roasted malt accent. Generous use of hops and a smooth finish.” 5.6% ABV

Purchased from Old Doc’s in Fresno.

The Pour: IMG_2024

Poured from a 22 oz bomber into a tulip glass. Amber in color, but a little lighter than others I’ve had in the style. A huge light-tan head is poured, and good lacing is left on the glass.

The Nose: IMG_2026


Sweet, roasted caramel malts, with undertones of floral and lemon hops. There is also a bit of an earthy tea leaf aroma.

The Mouth: IMG_2027

Medium-bodied with a soft, smooth mouthfeel, finishing with very faint bitterness. The initial flavor is of the toasted caramel, leading to an aftertaste combination of the caramel malts, hops, and earthy flavors. I also get just a bit of graininess on the palate in the aftertaste. I get some bready bock flavor in my beer burps, which I find pretty neat.

Final Thoughts: IMG_2028

My main impression from Rogue’s American Amber Ale is how soft and drinkable it is. I could easily see having multiple of this beer on any social occasion. The flavors are put together well. At one point I got three distinctive flavors in one drink; sweet caramel, hoppy bitterness, and a grainy/bready finish. Whenever a beer delivers a palate experience like that, I am pretty impressed. 8/10

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