Anderson Valley Boont Amber Ale

From the Brewery: IMG_2012 IMG_2013

“Balance.  It’s what makes our Boont Amber Ale so unique: rich, crystal malts give this beer a deep copper hue and contribute a slight caramel sweetness while the herbal, spicy bitterness from carefully selected whole-cone hops impart a crisp, clean finish.  Hints of sun toasted grain, toffee, and fruity esters compliment the mellow, noble hop aroma.” 5.8% ABV

Purchased from Das Bierhaus in Fresno.

The Pour: IMG_2014

Poured from a 22 oz bomber into a nonic glass. The color is a slightly hazy brown/amber, similar to iced tea. Some carbonation is visible crawling up the sides. The head is off-white with amber hues, and leaves good lacing on the glass.

The Nose: IMG_2015

Sweet caramel malts, a bit of roasty molasses, and a hop profile that borders between floral and citrus.

The Mouth: IMG_2016

Medium bodied with faint carbonation harshness going down, otherwise smooth. There isn’t a whole lot of flavor initially, just some sweetness from the malts. It finishes with some crisp bitterness; an aftertaste of citrus hops which sticks around mildly dry on the palate.

Final Thoughts: IMG_2017

Though the flavors offered in this ale are represented relatively lightly, they do blend together quite well. The caramel-like malts are the main component, with just enough bitter hops to compliment the palate, making Boont a pretty refreshing drink. I had no trouble finishing the bottle pretty quickly, and certainly wouldn’t mind having another bottle around for when the mood strikes. Not bad at all. 7.5/10.

Anderson Valley Brewing Company – Boonville, California

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