Shiner Bock

From the Brewery: IMG_1957

“Bock reflects the tradition of genuine Bavarian beers as a brew only a craftsman like Kosmos Spoetzl, trained in the “Old Country,” could bring to life. With its deep amber color, distinctive rich flavor and full body, Shiner Bock demonstrates the care of a handcrafted brewing process to bring forth a mellow taste free of the bitter aftertaste found in many micro, specialty and imported beers. Just think of it as Shiner smooth.” 4.4% ABV

Purchased at Das Bierhaus in Fresno.

The Pour: IMG_1958


Poured from a 12 oz bottle into a lager glass. The color is brown with a reddish hue, similar to an iced tea. A very bubbly head is poured, which dissipates to nearly nothing almost immediately. Moderate carbonation is visible in the glass, and almost no lacing is left.

The Nose: IMG_1959

A small amount of breadiness, sweet malts, toasted grains, and an undertone of a sterile metallic aroma.

The Mouth: IMG_1960

Thin and watery mouthfeel going down, with a bit of a carbonation bite. Not much flavor offered, just a bit of the barely-ish malts from the nose. The aftertaste is nearly devoid of flavor, with just some generic graininess.

Final Thoughts: IMG_1961


Nothing exciting is going on with this beer. The nose is slightly reminiscent of other bocks I’ve had, but milder and not as well put together. The flavors follow suit, mild and underwhelming. This is definitely a poor copy of a traditional German classic, and I’m surprised that it’s been popular enough to be produced for so long (1914). I honestly think I would have trouble picking this beer out from a group of American macro-lagers in a blind tasting. 3/10

Spoetzl Brewery – Shiner, Texas

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