Tioga-Sequoia Mt. Whitney Pale Ale

From the Brewery: 003

“A classic American Pale Ale that has a blend of Two Row, Caramel, and Munich malts with a touch of wheat. A balanced combination of North American hops creates a depth of character and aroma that brings it all together for a stunning flavor and finish.”  5.8% ABV

The Pour: 004

Poured from a 22 oz bomber into a nonic imperial pint glass. The color is a slightly hazy golden-orange. The head is foamy and nearly white, with just a bit of yellow. Good lacing is left on the glass.

The Nose: 005


Lots of floral hops, as will as some citrus astringency. There are also trace sweet malts offered beneath the hops.

The Mouth: 006

Medium-thin bodied and pretty smooth going down, with a punch of hoppy bitterness running along the tongue after swallowing. Finishes moderately dry, and the flavor is mainly from the floral hops. There is just a touch of sweetness from the malts, but it is the bitterness that lingers on the palate. There is no discernible alcohol flavor, and I don’t get any wheat beer characteristics hinted at in the description.

Final Thoughts: 007


This seems to be a pretty average pale ale. No flavors particularly stand out in comparison to other pales I’ve had. I also wouldn’t necessarily call this a refreshing or sessionable brew, as the mouth feel and aftertaste don’t particularly beg to be savored. The CA-99 Ale is a much better choice from this brewery. 5.5/10

Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Co. – Fresno, California


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