Wychwood Brewery Wychcraft Blonde Ale

From the Brewery: 001 002

“A pale golden potion with delicate red hues, Wychcraft has a heady burst of fresh citrus aroma derived from three infusions of Styrian golding hops. A sprig of gentle warming malty flavour finishes with a dry biscuit note & a counterpoise of bitterness.” 4.5% ABV

The Pour: 003

Poured from a 16.9 oz bottle into my nonic. The brew is a hazy golden- yellow, with a hue of reddish-orange. A thin foamy head is poured, and little lacing is left on the glass.

The Nose: 004

Initially a small bit of beer skunkiness, which fades quickly (crisis averted). There are also some mild citrus hops mixed with a general barley scent.

The Mouth: 005

Medium-thin bodied, finishing pretty dry. The initial flavor is a mild dash of the citrus hops, followed by a bit of sweet barley malts and a grainy/bready aftertaste. All flavors are light and crisp.

Final Thoughts: 007

A very drinkable light ale. I was worried that I got an old bottle, as some skunk came through initially, but it faded almost immediately. It doesn’t sit heavy in the stomach, and could safely be labeled in the “refreshing” category of beers. All the flavors are light on the palate, making it very easy to drink. My initial thoughts were that this beer is a slightly better done version of Boddington’s. Some may prefer a beer with more flavor, either from the hops or the malts, but Wychcraft definitely won’t offend any beer drinker. 6.5/10

Wychwood Brewery – Witney, Oxforshire, England

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