Mammoth Brewing Double Nut Brown Porter

2012 Gold Medal Winner at the World Beer Cup in the Brown Porter CategoryDSC_0210 Mammoth Brewing

From the bottle:

“A local’s favorite, this dark ale is reminiscent of coffee and dark chocolate and is our version of a brown porter. Double Nut Brown exhibits a mild sweetness and a finishing roasty dryness.” 5.5% Alcohol by volume.

The Pour:

Poured into a 20 ounce nonic imperial pint glass.  Left a light tan/nearly white, foamy head of about 2 1/2 fingers. The porter is nearly solid black, with a slight amount of ruby red/brown around the edges. Left solid lacing on the glass during the enjoyment.

The Nose:

Lightly roasted, mild coffee/espresso, and just a faint amount of lactose/dairy.

The Mouth:

Decent amount of bitterness right up front, probably a 7 out of 10 in that regard. Lots of roasty malt flavor, with hints of coffee and dark cocoa, followed by a bit of a sour lactose flavor. This leads to an aftertaste of light bitterness, in which the nuttiness comes through and coats the palate. Definitely one of the thicker porters I’ve tried, as I expected it to be a little watery at just 5.5% ABV. It really coats the mouth/palate well, and that’s where this beer begins to live up to it’s reputation.

Final Thoughts:

Being my first brew from the Mammoth Brewing Company, I was moderately impressed by this brew. It definitely tiptoes the line between a traditional porter and an English style brown ale, and does it pretty well. If you want a good roasty beer, and if you can actually find a bottle of it somewhere, give it a shot!  7.5/10!

Mammoth Brewing Company – Mammoth Lakes, California

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